Which Loan and Credit Broker Recommended As Best To Start With?

Every investor, speculator and trader once asked himself which broker to choose? Who can you trust? Which Loan and Credit broker is the best solution to start with? Who will not run away with our money or try to deprive us of it in an unethical, difficult to capture and unlawful way?

This is by far the most frequently asked question at every level of Loan and Credit initiation. The choice between the best brokers is huge. Reviews about them are often written by people hired for this, and accounts opened quickly without reading the conditions. In addition, the contract does not always have to be transparent. For a novice trader who wants to deposit my first money and already dreams of seeing four-digit rates of return this is a very important issue. Ignoring it and betting on a first-best broker can permanently discourage him from entering the market.

We present the best Loan and Credit brokers in the world and in Poland, selected with objective methods. Choosing a broker can save you a lot of disappointment and gnashing teeth.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex financial instruments and using them carries a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. By investing in CFDs with this provider, 75% of retail investor accounts lose money. Make sure you understand how CFDs work and think about whether you can afford the high risk of losing money.

Ranking of Loan and Credit / CFD brokers in Poland for 2019

Loan and Credit or CFD broker is a company through which we can make transactions using the investment platform. It is thanks to the broker that we have the opportunity to buy and sell various types of assets or other instruments. The best brokers earn on our transactions thanks to spread. This is the difference between the offer to buy or sell a given asset and it is usually not more than a few pips.

Thanks to the transaction platform, we can trade virtually around the clock. Most brokers have platforms available through a web browser, mobile applications and some have platforms in the form of software that we install on a computer.

What is Market Maker?

So many stories have been found that it is worth explaining everything slowly. Market Maker in Polish is sometimes translated as a “market maker”, which is the type of broker who places all orders at the so-called “dealing desk”. It is a filter that either accepts or rejects our transactions. This type of broker earns on our profit, but also when we lose money. The trader does not see real prices that currently exist on the market. This allows, in theory, to manipulate the course, but this is not always the case. Market makers, despite their bad reputation, also have their advantages.

  • ability to process low transactions (microlight)
  • low spread
  • a simple way to open accounts
  • easy procedures
  • stoploss guarantees (protection against negative balance).

Market Maker is not equal to Market Maker

Market Maker is not equal to Market Maker

In the event that the market maker is not focused on cheating customers, but is based on statistics, we say that it is a good supplier. In this case, the animator assumes that most people lose and do not need to disturb anyone. It doesn’t have to interfere with anyone, it just allows people to trade. Statistics say that most investors lose, and a good market maker will profit from it. This is relatively fair. Market Maker is simply based on statistics.

What is also important is that Market Maker may or may not hedge the currency market. So if you make a transaction with a broker, then he or she concludes the same transaction or the opposite on the interbank market or stock exchange. This type of security is particularly the case for large bills and transactions. The broker does this to ensure that he does not incur any major loss.

However, when it comes to other advantages of Market Maker, it is primarily the possibility of small transactions . These are called microlight . This is very important for people who trade long-term with relatively low capital. Then such position can be selected appropriate to the risk and when they test a given strategy.

Fixed spread is both a disadvantage and an advantage

Why the advantage? Beginners usually don’t have much economic knowledge. In the event of market fluctuations, they get a fixed spread and I don’t have to worry that it will suddenly split. We also don’t have to follow the economic calendar.

Negative Balance Protection – this is the most important feature of Market Makers. Not every Market Maker provides such a possibility, but a large majority does. This protection allows you to reset your account if you lose funds below your balance. This situation took place during the crisis with the Swiss franc.